Varied Programs at Charleston Library Society

One of the oldest cultural institutions in Charleston hosts over 200 events each year ranging from lectures and concerts to book clubs, summer camps, and galas. These include a speaker series, lunch lectures, chamber music, and visiting authors.

The next event is on Thursday, October 11, 2018, when Dr. Jeb Hallett will speak on “Curiosity – The Key to Life” at the Wide Angle Lunch. For a look at the extensive calendar, click here. Membership information is available here.

Established December 28, 1748, the Charleston Library Society has a rich history as a “cultural institution for life-long learning, serving its members, the Lowcountry community and scholars through access to its rich collection of books, manuscripts and archival material and programs promoting discussion and understanding of the ideas they contain.”  As outlined on their website, this is accomplished by:

  • providing educational opportunities to children, students of all ages, and adults
  • conserving, preserving, exhibiting, sharing and expanding the Library’s collections
  • using technology to improve access to and understanding of the Library’s collections
  • offering lectures and programs on topics related to literature, history, and the book arts
  • convening people around common literary and historical interests
  • fully utilizing the Library’s historical building in the heart of historic Charleston
  • collaborating with other cultural institutions on subjects of common interest
  • maintaining a literary and historical archival center
  • providing programs that offer life-long learning opportunities to the community
  • providing a scholarly work environment for researchers and students

For more information, visit the CLS website here.

Tidelines Editor

(Images from CLS website)