SIPOA Board Announces Slate of Candidates for 2019 SIPOA Election

From the November 12, 2018 SIPOA Board meeting…

The 2018 Nominating Committee consisted of 4 elected voting members, Susan Coomer, Veronica L’Allier, Tina Maryland, Stephen Montagu-Pollock, and Bill Bane acting as Chair.

Some of the attributes the Nominating Committee considered included –
-relevant Seabrook Island experience
-relevant non-Seabrook Island experience
-SIPOA or other local committee participation
-desirable professional skill-sets
-ability to work collaboratively
-ability to serve

The 2018 Nominating Committee unanimously proposed the following candidates for the 2019 Nominating Committee.

Nominating Committee: Two-year term; two positions available
Cynthia (Cindy) Brown
Henry (Trip) Devens
Gregory (Greg) Iaconis

The 2018 Nominating Committee unanimously proposed the following slate of candidates to run for the SIPOA Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:  Three-year term; four positions available
James (Jamie) Geiger
Michael Grabman
Ray Hoover
Thomas Pinckney
Gordon Weis

Board of Directors:  One-year term; one position available
Ellen Coughlin

Thanks to all those who participated in the selection and interview process.  Your willingness to serve makes our Seabrook Island community stronger.  On a personal note, many thanks to the four elected members of the Nominating Committee.  Your dedication and collaborative teamwork made our job much easier.  Also a special thank-you to Veronica L’Allier for keeping track of the many, many details required to keep the Nominating Committee process moving forward.

-Submitted by Bill Bane, Chair, Nominating Committee



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