SIPOA Nominating Committee Candidate – Gregory Iaconis

Gregory Iaconis

My wife and I have been residents of Seabrook for just over 2 years.   Our single family home serves as our primary residence. We moved here from the Dayton, Ohio area where I was employed by the Mead Corp. for over 32 years and served in a variety of senior level positions in sales, marketing and general management.  Our experience on Seabrook has been fantastic. We enjoy much of what our community has to offer.

I believe my professional background will be of value in a nominating committee role.  Specifically, I have broad experience with strategic and financial planning. Throughout my career,  I interviewed dozens of individuals for key positions within our organization. As such, I developed a very good sense of which candidates would be the best overall fit for a given position.  Additionally, I was involved in integration work (acquisitions) which required very effective interpersonal communication skills (clear, concise messaging, active listening).

I am currently an active member of the Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club where I serve as a sales captain for the annual handbook.  The handbook generates advertising revenue which provides grant funding for a range of local charities specifically for Johns and Wadmalaw islands.  I am also co chair of the Exchange Club’s Health Committee which reviews and makes grant recommendations to the Exchange Club board. Additionally, I currently serve on the Golf Committee of the Seabrook Island Club.

As we have made a long term investment/commitment to reside here, it is with that in mind that I wish to run for the Nominating Committee.  From my perspective, all residents of Seabrook are interdependent upon one another to ensure our community maintains/enhances the appeal of the island both in terms of appreciating property values and high quality of life.  It’s imperative that all community members have the opportunity to have a voice in offering input on the issues which affect the island both current and future. Committee teams are responsible for ensuring a proper forum exists for meaningful debate and dialog that residents can feel comfortable utilizing.  Some issues which I feel are important to address include:

-Ensuring the island infrastructure can systematically be updated in a planned manner (roads, boardwalks/trails, island buildings/facilities).

-Strive toward improving the working relationship between SIPOA and the Island Club.  Common goals and objectives (vs. those that are conflicting) need to guide the behavior and actions of these entities.  Collaboration needs to be achieved and should be a joint priority.

-Cumbersome process for architectural plan approval.  A viable goal would be to streamline the process without losing the integrity/intent of the ARC.  This would apply to both new construction as well as remodels/repairs.

-Need for procedural consistency for the security function.  A viable solution needs to be developed for the seasonal/periodic surge (and ensuing bottleneck that results) at the gatehouse.  A entry lane expansion needs to be considered.

Thank you for your consideration.

-Submitted by Gregory Iaconis


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