Spotlight on Gary Brown from SIPOA Staff

While our island is idyllic in many ways, the environment here presents very special challenges when trying to maintain our buildings and equipment in tip-top shape.  Between the heat, the moisture and the salty air, it requires constant vigilance to keep things in good working order. That is one of the main jobs of Gary Brown who has been working with us for four years.

After Gary trained as an electrician in the family business, he spent five years at Emory University in their Maintenance Department. When his wife took a job in apartment management here in Charleston, Gary applied to work at Seabrook and was quickly brought into the fold where he has spent the last four years assisting Steve Hirsch in our Engineering Department.  He and his wife, Jenny, live in West Ashley and have a daughter, Emma, 15, and a son Joey, 12. They enjoy spending time outdoors together and plan to take a cruise out of Charleston soon.

We are very fortunate to have someone with Gary’s ability on our staff. His experience and broad knowledge of the inner workings of Seabrook Island make him an invaluable piece of our challenging puzzle.

-Rich Siegel, Tidelines Writer

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