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Even though it’s possible to venture out in our “new normal,” reading will likely continue to be a favored pastime of Seabrookers. We hope you’ll continue to send us titles. Here is the latest installment from our readers:

This Is Not How It Ends
by Rochelle B. Weinstein
Charlotte has some decisions to make as she navigates a new life and ponders with whom she’ll share it. This is a tender, moving story of heartbreak and healing that asks the question: Which takes more courage–holding on or letting go? (2019, 329 pgs; Fiction)

This Land Is Our Land
by Suketu Mehta
This heavily researched and passionately argued work deconstructs American misbeliefs about immigration. The US is better, not worse because of immigration, says Mehta. An immigrant himself, Mehta weights his personal, readable manifesto with history and data. The result is profoundly disturbing, convincing, clear-eyed, and hopeful. (2019, 306 pgs; Nonfiction)

What You Have Heard Is True
by Carolyn Forché
The author describes her deep friendship with a mysterious intellectual who introduced her to the culture and people of El Salvador in the 1970s, a tumultuous period in the country’s history, inspiring her work as an unlikely activist. (2019, 390 pgs; Nonfiction)

The Book of Lost Friends
by Lisa Wingate
A new novel inspired by historical events: a story of three young women on a journey in search of family amidst the destruction of the post-Civil War South, and of a modern-day teacher who rediscovers their story and its connection to her own students’ lives. (2020, 388 pgs; Fiction)

We look forward to hearing about the books you or your book club recommend.

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