Indigo in the Lowcountry

The Seabrook Island Garden Club held its monthly Zoom meeting on Friday, November 13, 2020 covering “Indigo in the Lowcountry”, with David & Caroline Harper.

David is Treasurer for the International Center for Indigo Culture, fostering collaboration among growers, dye makers, textile artists and designers, and customers to promote the beauty of indigo as a vibrant part of a resilient economy. He gave the group a fascinating look at the history of Indigo, which on a domestic front had been a vital part of the South Carolina economy in the 1700s until the mid 1800s. For a great read check out “Indigo Girl” by Natasha Boyd, a historical fiction account of how a teenage girl produced indigo dye, which became one of the largest exports out of South Carolina, and an export that laid the foundation for the incredible wealth of several Southern families who still live on today.

Caroline is founder/owner of CHI design indigo and is an indigo grower, producer, natural dyer, textile artist and educator. She gave us a brief indigo dyeing presentation on the dyeing process, from the ingredients of the indigo dye mixtures to the real-time dyeing of a magnificent scarf.






Caroline’s work can be seen locally at Revealed Gallery in downtown Charleston. While her online shop will be down for the winter season, she can take orders for Spring 2021. Here is the link to a gallery of her products – link.

-Submitted by Cindy Zock, Seabrook Island Garden Club

(Image credit: CHI Design Website)

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