Spotlight on Sarah Brewer from SIPOA Staff

These pandemic times have brought changes to every organization, including the staff members of the SIPOA Administration. One such new face is that of our receptionist, Sarah Brewer, who spends her days answering everyone’s questions, affixing gate passes to cars, and doing all around customer service for our residents and guests.

Sarah comes to us out of the College of Charleston after having acquired her degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She has spent time at various jobs since moving here from Concord, North Carolina, perhaps most notably working as a veterinary assistant in Charleston where she indulged her love of dogs. She also volunteers at the Charleston Animal Society. Sarah, who began working in our office about four months ago, and her dog, Charles, live on James Island.

When the world returns to a semblance of normal and you have occasion to visit the SIPOA offices, you may get to see the smiling face of Sarah Brewer. In the meantime, she is able and happy to always take your calls. Welcome, Sarah.

-Rich Siegel, Tidelines Writer