COVAR Celebrates 20 Years

Recently, Tidelines asked Joanne Fagan, Secretary of COVAR, to explain what COVAR stands for and what role it plays on Seabrook Island. She wrote a very thorough history of the organization and filled in lots of details. Her report is available below.

Established in 2001, COVAR stands for The Council of Villa Associations and Regimes. The original membership of 23 communities has now grown to 41. These consist of 27 associations and 14 regimes.

This year, COVAR is celebrating 20 years of advocacy for Seabrook Island associations and regimes. Congratulations, COVAR!

The Tidelines Team was so inspired by Joanne Fagan’s efforts that we put together an interactive map that shows all 41 communities. You can click on each icon to see the name of the community or you can search by using the search feature on the left. Below is the link to interactive map for the COVAR post. Click here to read Fagan’s report.

Click here to view the interactive map or click on the image below. Once on the map, use these hints to find your way around the map.

Click on an orange, locator icon for more information about a specific regime.

To find a specific regime on the map, click on the directory icon in the upper left corner and select the regime name.

Click on the image to open the interactive map.

Tidelines Editors

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