SI Photography Club – Featured Photographer July – Sept. 2022: Jeff Davis

From the photographer in his own words:

I bought my first ‘real’ interchangeable lens camera, a Nikon D50 with 2 kit lenses, in 2005 while we were living in Tokyo. I hadn’t been harboring a life-long desire to get into photography or anything, it just seemed like there was a lot of cool stuff around, and I needed to figure out how to take pictures of it all. Since that time, I’ve remained interested in photography and in learning how to improve my skills. Modern digital photography appeals to me because it’s somehow a hybrid amalgamation of art, physics and computer science.

I think of photography as some kind of “bionic vision and memory enhancement”. A camera allows us to appreciate things that are right there in front of us, but in a way that our human eye and brain are incapable of doing on their own. Who knew that that simple wave breaking on the beach at our feet was so beautiful and intricate when viewed at 1/4000th of a second? Who realized how much detail that freakish-looking wood stork had in his feathers and face? If a photo can help us more fully appreciate the beauty of our environment, the photographer has accomplished something.

I grew up on a barrier island (Okaloosa Island, FL) and I am growing old on a barrier island (Seabrook Island), so I guess it’s fitting that water features prominently in many of my photos. It wasn’t intentional, but I just realized that every shot on this wall has water in it! Saltwater is in my blood and sand is between my toes. Nine of the photos displayed here were taken here on Seabrook Island, four were taken back home in Destin, FL and the rest were captured during various travels.

Kim and I finally moved full-time to Seabrook Island in September 2021 after visiting regularly for over 20 years. We love it here and it’s a great place to be a photographer, as you never know what beauty or wildlife you will come across. If you enjoy my style of photos, I have a lot of Seabrook Island images on my website, Please introduce yourself if you ever see me around the island. Thanks very much for looking.

-Submitted by Jeff Davis, Seabrook Island Photography Club

(Image credit: SI Photography Club)