The Fleming Flash – October 6

Play is happening all day long at both Seabrook and Kiawah, so plan on watching some great tennis! 

Lunch will be available for purchase from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Racquet Sports Center on Seabrook Island

  • Hamburger/cheeseburger          $10
  • Chicken sandwich                         $10
  • Hot dog                                           $7
  • Vegetable wrap                             $7

Sides of cole slaw, potato salad and fresh fruit salad for $3 Ea

Chips & cookies for $2 Ea

Drinks $2

All prices include tax and gratuity.  Cash or member number only.

Players – If you have not checked in, be sure to stop by the check-in table with your QR code.

Here are the highlighted matches for Thursday, October 6 –

Men’s Doubles:

55s–     Goheen/Miller vs Mckay/Crouch 3 pm SEA

65s-       Webster/Ewald vs Ratcliffe/Pettit 12:30 pm SEA

75s-       Regensburg/Kennedy vs Polychron/Steenbergen 3:30 pm sea

              Cherry/Hunt vs Hendrix/Soden 3:30 pm SEA

80s-       Boehm/Ward vs Huff/Varner 2:05 pm SEA

Men’s Singles:

65s-       Bunch vs Ream 9 am SEA

              Steen vs Oberstein 9 am SEA

75s-       Adams vs Vanderbilt 2 pm SEA

Women’s Doubles:

50s-       Smith/Moore vs Lopez/Cummings 10:45 am RBTC

              Hines/Duckworth vs Ashworth/Aiken 10:45 RBTC

              Broyles/Adams vs Belangia/Hahn 1:30 pm RBTC
              Cocchiola/Carpenter vs Orr/Lahey 11:00 am RBTC

55s-       Cocchiola/Carpenter vs Williams/Hollman 4 pm RBTC

              Smith/Moore vs TBD 4 pm RBTC

60s-       Shimp/Smith vs Johnson/Knabel 10:45 am RBTC

              Ott/Fiegleman vs McCoy/Bible 11:30 am RBTC

65s-       Brown/Ott vs Gray/White 8:30 am SEA

70s-       Cherry/Bolick vs Babb/Peiffer 9:15 am SEA

              Bruce/McLean vs Simons/Kirkland 9:00 am SEA

Women’s Singles:

50s-       Broyles vs Porter 10:30 am RBTC

65s-       Small vs Dickenson 9:00 am SEA

Mixed Doubles:

50s-       Ross/Cagide vs Williams/Williams 2 pm SEA

              Ewald/Ewald vs Deshpande/Budreau 3:30 pm SEA

              Hines/Hines vs Graham/Kennedy 2 pm SEA

              Steen/Steen vs Hollman/Tabares 1:30 pm SEA

60s-       Goheen/Ryan vs Duddy/Maral 3 pm SEA

70s-       Polychron/Bruce vs McGuire/Bradley 12:30 SEA

Here are some photos from our first day on the courts:

-Submitted by Karen Petrucelli and Ellen Smith