Renew 50 Update

Renew 50 Update
June 7, 2023

This update explains more about North American Land Trust (NALT), the Lake House (LH) conservation easement and the implications in perpetuity.

A conservation easement is a legally-binding document that ensures specified land will be conserved in perpetuity. As the holder of the conservation easement on the LH property, it is NALT’s responsibility to ensure its terms are upheld forever. 

To ensure compliance with the conservation easement, SIPOA’s long standing practice has been to garner NALT’s approval of any proposed changes to the LH or its surrounding property before moving forward. We certainly cannot bypass this step on a project as critical as this one. 

After obtaining a better understanding of the challenges SIPOA and its property owners face, NALT has embraced working together with SIPOA to find a “win-win” solution for both the Trust and Seabrook Island. During our discussions, we requested NALT’s help to enhance conservation efforts at the LH site in conjunction with potential expansion efforts. Some initial conservation ideas include:

  • Meadow restoration – replanting our native pollinator meadow;
  • Addition of bird boxes;
  • Pond and wetland restoration around Palmetto Lake;
  • Improved shoulder habitats to our conservation land; and
  • Educational trails throughout LH adjacent conservation properties.

The Renew 50 Team’s success in partnering with NALT in a collaborating effort is, all by itself, a singular accomplishment. This collaboration has the potential to transform a relationship from one in which NALT acts as a monitor, and occasional adjudicator, to one in which it is an active advisor and participant in planning for our community’s future. NALT’s involvement is not only practical but also wholly consistent with the conservation ethos that is integral to Seabrook Island lifestyle. 

We hope all property owners will avail themselves of upcoming opportunities to participate in the Renew 50 planning process. If you would like more information on NALT, click here.

The Renew 50 Team is listening. Please send your ideas to the Renew 50 Public Comment here.

-Submitted by Seabrook Island Property Owners Association