Berkeley Electric owns and maintains the street lights on Seabrook Island; if one needs attention for any reason, all you need to do is contact them at the link (below). They need the closest street address to the problem streetlight.

Submitted by Guy Gimson

2018 June Tidelines Workshop

Cropping and Resizing an image using Mac Preview

Video instructions:

Cropping an Image (0.41):

Cropping an Image (1.58):

Resizing One Image (2:40):

Resizing Multiple images that are the same size (4:03):

Written Instructions:

WikiHow to do anything…

Multiple Images in WordPress

Thumbnail Grid – 4 Columns

Tiled Mosaic – Random Order

Square Tiles – 3 Columns

Circles – 3 Columns

Tiled Columns

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Word Document Exported as a pdf

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