Backpack Buddies on Seabrook Island

A hungry child is incapable of learning. Feeding local, hungry children is what this Seabrook volunteer effort is all about. We have recently learned that there are a number of families, right in our own back yard, on Johns Island, who do not have the resources to feed their children properly. During the school week, students are fed in school, but on weekends, parents and caregivers struggle to provide for their children. As a result, they arrive at school Monday morning famished. We would like to make sure they arrive at school ready to focus on their studies. 

With your help we want to institute a program to support Mt. Zion Elementary School’s effort to combat hunger with a weekend food program which will be known as; Backpack Buddies, Seabrook IslandThe goal is to send students home from school on Friday afternoons with a backpack full of nutritious and tasty foods and snacks for the weekend. 

We have met with the Principal, as well as the Communities in Schools representative for Mt. Zion. They have determined that close to 50 children have been identified as being eligible for this program. To be exact, 88.9% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Children are eligible for this when their family’s income is at, or below, 185% of the poverty level. 

This program will be a large, year round undertaking. We will need a dedicated group of volunteers who are willing to shop, assemble bags, and solicit donations to get us started. Fundraisers will be planned during the year to keep the program going. If you are willing to help, please contact Joanne Threlfall at or 203-417-8518 or Elaine Davis at or 843-768-2643.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration
Joanne Threlfall and Elaine Davis

Submitted by Lake House Staff

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