Defibrillator Units Refresher

At the request of an audience member at last night’s “Get the Scoop” meeting, this is a re-post of a Tidelines article submitted by the SIPOA Security and Safety Committee and published in May.

Seabrook Island has 15 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) placed in a variety of locations. The SIPOA Safety and Security Committee wants to ensure that owners, guests, and renters are aware of the existence and placement of the AEDs.  While few of the AEDs have been used, they can be critical to saving the life of someone suffering a cardiac arrhythmia while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.



The AEDS have not only clear visual instructions but also clear audio instructions.  They were designed to be simple to use even without any training.   This is a picture of an open device.




And here is a close up of the instructions that are a part of the device.











SIPOA owns eight AEDs; they are tested daily.  Three are located in the Lake House, one in each of the three SIPOA Security vehicles, one at the Oyster Catcher Community Center, and one at the SIPOA Administration Facility on Landfall Way.



Since no employee is normally at the Oyster Catcher Community Center, the AED there is located outside to the right and around the corner of the building on the outside wall near the pool.  This is what it looks like.





Here is a picture of the AED at the SIPOA Administration Building on Landfall way.  It is located on the left wall after the hallway, close to the SIPOA Meeting Room.



Others on the Island are located as follows:  The Seabrook Island Club has four: one at the Island House, one at the Pelican’s Nest, one at the Maintenance and Engineering Facility, and one at the Racquet Club.  Camp St. Christopher has one and the Town has two:  one at the Town Hall and one on the Beach Vehicle.  Personnel working at those facilities know the specific location for each AED.

The company that makes SIPOA’s AEDs has announced that, in December 2014, it will stop producing replacement parts for the models we have.  The SIPOA Board has made a decision to replace all eight of our AEDs.  Funding for that replacement (about $12,600) is in the 2015 budget.  Once the new AEDs are delivered, the older AEDs will be held in reserve.

An education session is planned for later in the year to familiarize Seabrook Residents on the operation of the AEDs.  It is planned to be held in the Lake House and will be announced in Tidelines and in the weekly SIPOA news letter.

Submitted by Dennis Nagy, Chair, SIPOA Safety and Security Committee

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