Safety and Security Committee Meeting Summary: September 2015

The Safety/Security Committee met on September 2, 2015 at the SIPOA office on Landfall Way.

Discussion topics and the Chairman’s remarks included the following:

  • The Committee was updated on the annual survey, confirming that it will be sent out in February, following the annual meeting.
  • Chairman Dennis Nagy reviewed potential security-related questions for the annual survey and requested committee input via email.  The document will then be finalized at the Committee’s October meeting.
  • Bike paths: Bill Bryant will attend the upcoming Planning Committee meeting to discuss the feasibility of a conceptual inland bicycle and pedestrian path which could provide an inland route across the island.

Significant August Security Events:

  • SIPOA Security responded to an incident on North Beach involving an intoxicated golfer who had driven a Club golf cart to the beach. Security located him and issued citations for DUI and driving a golf cart on the beach.
  • SIPOA Security assisted SJFD, CCSO and the Coast Guard in conducting a search for a missing person, who was located unharmed on Kiawah Island.

August Citations: There were 24 citations issued in August, which included the

  • 3 stop sign violations
  • 12 speeding violations
  • 2 no license/registration
  • 1 no pass displayed
  • 3 parking violations
  • 1 DUI
  • 1 unlawful passing
  • 1 trailer violation

The committee reviewed all citation appeals and made decisions based on the facts and merits of each case.

The full Committee meeting minutes are available for review by property owners in the archives section of the SIPOA website at

—Submitted by Bill Bryant, Secretary; Dennis Nagy, Chair

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