County Council Acts on “Flyover”

At the 29 September meeting of Charleston County Council,  approval was given to the Finance Committee recommendation to begin negotiations for termination of the existing contract with SC DOT relating to the proposed “superstreet” at the intersection of US 17 and Main Rd.

Council also approved a motion outlining Council’s guidance for objectives related to the approved negotiations including: (i) termination of the existing contract to release the $1.5M committed by Charleston County; (ii) widening of Main Road between Bees Ferry Road and the Main Road intersection with River Road; (iii) address of drainage issues of Main Road that resulted in recent flooding; (iv) application of the released $1.5 M to start of design work, environmental impact studies and the like preparatory for construction of a separated grade renovation (overpass) of the US 17 and Main Road intersection.

It was noted that until a design is proposed for which costs can be developed, Charleston County can not pursue funding for construction.

Submitted by John Gregg

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