R.I.P. Two Spot

We lost a good friend on Seabrook Island this week . The piebald deer we called “Two Spot”  died, most likely from natural causes. His photograph is displayed in the Lake house lobby.  Some residents thought that he may have drowned because of the heavy rains and very high tides we experienced this weekend. However, deer are excellent swimmers and he may have just died  a natural death. White tailed deer may live 10 or more years in the wild but most live only 3 to 5 years. “Two Spot” was 4 1/2 years old. Attached are photos of “Two Spot” taken over the past 4 years, the latter of which was taken just last week. Three additional piebald deer currently call Seabrook Island home.
 Article and photos submitted by Charley Moore

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Two Spot”

  1. I want to confirm that Two Spot is alive. He wandered through my back yard this morning, stopping as usual to drink from my bird bath. Unfortunately, these comments don’t get distributed as an original email would. I hope to capture him on picture and submit a new article.

  2. Very good news.The dead deer in the marsh off Marsh Haven in not “Two Spot”. Upon taking and examining a photo of the dead deer it is not Two Spot but a large eight point buck with very distinctive antlers that do not match “Two Spot”. Sorry for the miss identification but very happy it is not “Two spot”

  3. thanks so much for sharing, we also feel sad, he was just in our yard Wednesday.

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