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Seabrooker Mike Gorski who has to travel to and from Seabrook Island frequently because of his business, Island Transportation Services, provided this update on the route he took to Seabrook Island from the airport yesterday afternoon.

Since I have had many calls  from customers and residents asking for this information I thought I would relay it  to the readers of this very informative blog.  After flying in yesterday from New York to Charleston at approximately 4:30 PM  the route we had to take was 526 to 17 to Folly Road to Maybank Highway to River Rd. to Betsy Kerrison to our house.  I am hopeful this is helpful.

Tidelines has received no other updates on River Road since this so its condition may have changed.  If anyone else has more current information on River Road or Bohicket Road, please let us know and we will post it.

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  1. Hi again. Just drove to CHS from Seabrook. Bohicket is still closed but River is much better today. I was driving at low tide and that helped. Trip took 55 minutes. SBI Rd is a lot better today, too. The road by recycling center was clear. Again, I think low tide helped.

    Barbara Rehm 703/473-7481


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