Main Road and Bohicket Road Updates

Traffic update from the sheriffs office:
With the additional amount of water from tonight’s recent high tide, a large amount of flood water remains on Main Road near the Limehouse Bridge making the road impassable for motorists. As a result, Main Road at US Hwy 17 to Main Road and River Road will remain closed. Charleston County’s Public Works Department and the South Carolina Department of Transportation will continue working in the morning to clear obstructions in the drainage system so that the road can be reopen for motorists to travel safely to and from Johns Island.

Charleston County Sheriff deputies will be directing and monitoring traffic at the following intersections in the morning River Road at Main Road, River Road at Maybank Highway, and Maybank Highway at Folly Road. Motorists should still expect long delays in traffic throughout the day until the affected section of Main Road near the Limehouse Bridge has been reopen by SCDOT. Bohicket Road will remain closed for one week to 10 days due to a sinkhole near the bike rental/storage facility.

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  1. There is a significant delay on River Road at Plowground due to water on the road. There is only one lane open, with traffic alternating on both directions. I attempted to go into W. Ashley at 12:30 this afternoon, but turned around after waiting for 10 minutes in traffic which wasn’t moving
    Jerry Cohen

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