Road and Traffic Update

The closure of Bohicket Road near its intersection with River Road, coupled with continuing closures at Main Road and Route 17, continues to cause difficulty in circulating and moving on and off Johns Island. Bohicket Road is closed until October 16th due to risk of pavement failure, and flooding at Main and Rte 17 is allowing the road to be opened to traffic only periodically during periods of low tide.

This means that, during substantial parts of the day, the only way on and off Johns Island is over the Stono Bridge. The intersection of Maybank and River Road–already a bottleneck during good weather–has only worsened during this period.  We received a report that this morning, traffic bound for the Stono Bridge on Maybank was backed up nearly to Bohicket & Main.

This bottleneck also makes traffic on River Road at Maybank back up. There is still some minor standing water on River Road at the intersection with Plowground. If business takes you closer to Main/Bohicket and not off the Island, a viable alternative is to take River Road to Edenvale Road, and then cut back over to Bohicket. This allows a driver to bypass the Maybank/River Road intersection.

Today, authorities opened Main at Route 17 for a few hours this afternoon to allow traffic to turn onto Main from the highway and cross the Waterway onto Johns Island. This occurred at low tide. The same may happen tomorrow, but the flow may be reversed. Readers are encouraged to monitor news sources for particulars.

On the Island, the intersection of Seabrook Island Road at Little Creek/Baywood continues to experience standing water at high tide. The road is passable under these conditions.

—Tidelines Staff




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  1. Seabrook is so fortunate to have Tidelines. What a valuable source of up to date information that we all have needed, especially in the past week. Thank you to all the staff who have been putting so much time into providing this service. You are awesome!

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