Johns and James Island Road Update

Please review the information below.  Again, monitor the news media and the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office twitter and Facebook for updated information.

According to Live 5 News, Main Road is reopening to traffic in both directions as of noon today, Thursday 10/8. Follow the link below for the latest, as Live 5 is updating this article as information changes.

Live 5 Main Road Coverage

Motorists coming from Mount Pleasant and going to James/Johns Island and motorists who are leaving downtown Charleston to go to James/Johns Island are encouraged to take the Highway 30 Connector.  Also, motorists on James/Johns Island who are going to downtown Charleston or Mount Pleasant are encouraged to take the Highway 30 Connector.

Or, James/Johns Island residents should consider using Harbor View Road to the James Island Connector then the Fielding Connector exit to Highway 61.

This will alleviate some traffic congestion caused by road issues on Johns Island.

Submitted by Ron Ciancio

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