Applications to Help Navigate our Roads

With the recent weather conditions, driving has often been a challenge. It’s hard to know what roads are open, what the alternate routes are or if there’s an accident ahead. There are many smartphone apps that can help you in navigating the roads. Search for “app for traffic and road conditions” in your favorite browser or try these recommended by Tidelines editors. All are free and available in either iOS or Android versions.


Described as the ‘world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app,” Waze shows travel routes with real-time reports on conditions submitted by drivers in the area. It includes such information as closings,  construction, law enforcement presence, accidents and alternate routes. It is a battery hog so turn it off when not in use.


Inrix is a global company providing traffic and driver services information. Information is gleaned from GPS locator devices. The smartphone app allows the user to save frequently traveled routes and provides best time to travel, road conditions and alternate routes as well as an option to text others your  ETA.

images-1Beat the Traffic

This app offers real-time traffic information specific to your route. It’s ideal for commuters since it can suggest the best route to take, traffic flow and any impediments along the way.


Although iExit doesn’t give directions, it is invaluable for knowing what’s available along your interstate route. After launch, it will find your location and can show what services are available at each interstate exit ahead as well as service areas and rest stops on the interstate. Services are all within 1.5 miles of the exit and include such things as restaurants, lodging, fuel, campgrounds, hospitals, and miscellaneous services like drugstores and banks. The newest version allows you to access the information before starting your trip by choosing “Select Any Highway” from the front page.

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