Meeting Announcement: Council of Villa Associations and Regimes (COVAR)

All Seabrookers are invited to attend COVAR’s December Meeting, which will offer an opportunity to meet and hear from candidates for the SIPOA Board of Directors and to follow-up with Chuck Fox, President, SIPOA; Janet Gorski, Vice President, SIPOA and Bill Greubel, President Seabrook Island Club, concerning September’s Property and Landscaping Improvement for Associations/Regimes presentations and round table discussion, as well as to discuss a SIPOA proposal concerning the “Totem Pole” signage at either end of High Hammock Road.

The meeting will conclude with comprehensive presentations and a round table discussion of Developing and Funding Reserves for Associations/Regimes.  Peter Miller, Principal, millerdodson Capital Reserve Consultants; Larry Blasch, Immediate Past President, Spinnaker Beach Houses Owners Association and Larry Buchman, President, Pelican Watch Horizontal Property Regime, will be the principal participants.

The meeting will be Saturday, December 12 from 10 AM to 12 Noon at the Lake House.

—Submitted by Allan W. Keener, President, COVAR

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