Meet your Tidelines Staff: Veronica L’Allier

Performance-5199We have begun a series of introducing our readers to members of the Tidelines staff, so that those staff members who work behind the scenes posting information to the  blog can be brought to the forefront.  Our first story was on Dennis Pescitelli, who started Tidelines. This story is about Veronica L’Allier, who has been with Tidelines since it first began.

Veronica was born and brought up in Washington, D.C.  She is one of nine children. Both her parents worked for the federal government, as did she, managing administrative professionals for some 24 years.  Veronica and her husband, Michael, began coming to Seabrook to vacation with her sister’s family. They were drawn to Seabrook and ultimately found a lot. They built a house in 2009 and moved in permanently in 2011.  She has been very active on the Seabrook scene, having taken part in the ARC, the SIPOA election committee, Stichers, water aerobics, Turtle Patrol and the Sea Island Lady Singers.  She is also running for the SIPOA board.

As a Tidelines original, she says her first question was “What’s a blog?”  She wondered, as she was being trained, if she actually wanted to become part of the blogging team.  Once she decided she was in, she began approaching Tidelines from a unique perspective.  Instead of just asking people to send Tidelines news items, she got on the web and trawled for items she thought might be of interest to readers, such as theater openings, concerts, or links to items in the Post & Courier that people may not have seen.  Veronica says when she sees an item she thinks the Tidelines audience would like to read, she makes a mental note of it and sends it along as soon as she can get to the computer. She’s an early morning person, so frequently starts her day on the web looking for items people might want to know about.

Veronica notes that the blog was slow to ramp up.  The recent flooding with its impact on traffic and road conditions brought in a whole new chapter for Tidelines, as Seabrookers started sending in information on driving conditions dealing with first hand experiences.  The linking to Facebook, Twitter and the recent additions of podcasts have all driven traffic up on the blog.  She feels strongly that Tidelines needs to stay on the cutting edge of technology so they can supply its readers with up to the minute ways of communicating.

Veronica notes that Tidelines is currently considering adding a feature of letters to the editor.  She would also like to see a calendar added so the blog could show all events going on in one place. She would love to have a few more editors added to the blog. She notes that the Tidelines blog staff is fabulous.  They are a group whose only motives are to get the job done and get it done well.  If anyone of the Tidelines staff has a question, they reach out to one another to get an answer. It has worked well.

Veronica says she now loves serving on Tidelines and is glad she followed through on the invitation to participate in its development.  She feels she is giving back to the community and we, in the community, are getting the benefit of her hard work.

Barbara Burgess
Tidelines Staff Writer

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