The Seabrook Artist Guild Announces Bob Lefevre Is the January Artist of the Month







Bob Lefevre started taking private art lessons at the age of 9 when his 4th grade teacher called his mom and indicated that his “doodles” were quite impressive.  At this young age Bob was trained in the “classical” methods of rendering and painting. He continued to improve these skills taking lesson throughout his elementary, high school and college years. At Colgate University, he earned “beer money” drawing caricatures of his classmates and selling paintings to his teachers.

After a career in business, Bob retired at age 55 to pursue his true passion, art. He took 9 years of life drawing at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and started teaching art to young teens at his home studio.

IMG_0208Bob is the President of the Seabrook Island Artist Guild. He has been teaching art to fellow Seabrookers and Kiawah aspiring artists for over 7 years. To view more of Bob’s work, visit his website at:      WWW.LEFEVREPAINTINGS.COM 



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