Classic Novels from the British Library

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The early half of the twentieth century was the “Golden Age” of mystery and crime writing in Great Britain.  Indeed, one of the most famous and prolific British writers, Agatha Christie, and her novels still epitomize British detective fiction.  The British Library began to identify other writers of that era who were immensely popular but did not have the robust body of work like Lady Agatha or who had disappeared from the ranks of popular writers.  The books were collected into the British Crime Classic series and the British Library Spy Classics series.  In 2015, Poisoned Pen Press began to publish and distribute the titles in this country.

As one would expect, these are quintessentially British, full of manors and the countryside and the rough East End of London–all within the context of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  The stories range from traditional village cozies to closed room puzzlers to spy thrillers, intriguing and engaging stories told with the sensibilities of a different age.

Stories aside, I love the covers of these books!  They are certainly of the period and resemble vintage poster art in many cases.  They are the perfect lure into the stories inside.

Several titles have already been released and more will be issued during 2016.

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