Meet your Tidelines Staff: Cathrine Scully

We have another member of our Tidelines staff to introduce our readers to.  We would like everyone can learn a little bit about those staff members. So far, we have introduced you to Dennis Pescitelli, Veronica L’Allier and Bill Thomas.


Cathrine Scully is one of the newer members of the Tidelines team. She grew up in Annapolis, Maryland one of six children. She married her husband right out of college and started a career as a high school math teacher, specializing in calculus and pre-calculus, which is what we used to know as trigonometry.

She has lived in England, Italy, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri. She came to South Carolina in 1998, because her husband started a business located in Columbia. She spent seventeen years living in Columbia, making frequent visits to Charleston along the way. Cathrine says she loved the way Charlestonians have kept their history together over the years, and since one of her primary loves is art, she found ample reasons for visiting. Her path ultimately led her to Seabrook where she and her husband now own a home.

She has lived in Seabrook on part time basis for 15 years, and full time since January of 2015. Her four sisters and one brother visit frequently and they all work on Women Build for our local Habitat for Humanity. Cathrine does year-end taxes for low-income seniors, which is where she met Judy Gimson, also a member of Tidelines. She started subscribing to the blog early on, and loved the fact that she could get information on what was going on around the area in one place. She was pleased to be asked to join the Tidelines team. She says after she attended her first meeting, she went home and told her husband she felt like she had just come out of a Washington Post staff meeting. Tidelines does a lot of research on various operating guidelines before going ahead with any new policies for the blog to operate under. The one under consideration the day she first joined was the Tidelines policy on advertising. There was a thorough discussion of the pros and cons of various options, and Cathrine says the level of professionalism the blog team brought to the discussion impressed her.

She got quite a start as a Tidelines editor. She was the Editor in charge during the week of the floods we had in the area. She worked on incoming information throughout the day and early evening. She says she couldn’t get out of the house for several days, so she spent her time putting up posts on the blog as to what the weather conditions were, where the spots were located that couldn’t be travelled and other pertinent information that people were looking for. She said at one point she had all of the various posts people were sending in all printed out lying on her office floor. She checked each one to make sure they were not overlapping and used only the latest information she had on road conditions. She said her first day of flooding, roughly 15 people sent in information to the blog. Cathrine said on the second day, people were sending in questions, so she would research the answers on the DOT website, Channel Five news and other parts of the web. It was a rough week, but a very exciting one. Bill Thomas took over as Editor half way through the week as their stints overlapped during the week of the floods. Dennis Pescitelli, also a Tidelines member, was driving around Seabrook, taking pictures and sending in his reports.

Cathrine feels there is a great team at Tidelines and she is very pleased to be a part of the group. The whole team came together during a very problematic weather problem and in the process, gained a lot of new readers. She’s proud to be a part of the ongoing Tidelines effort and we at Tidelines feel lucky to have her.

Barbara Burgess
Tidelines Staff Writer


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  1. Cathrine is a key Women Build volunteer for Sea Island Habitat. We couldn’t do it without her and are so appreciative of her hard work and enthusiasm!

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