New Feature: Tidelines Introduces Letters to the Editor

letter-clipart-dirp445i9Tidelines is adding a new feature. Starting today, we will accept Letters to the Editor.

There is now a Letters to the Editor feature in our menu, above. There you will find a form to submit your letter as well as our guidelines for publication; please be sure to read these guidelines before you submit.

The most important rule is that letters are limited to 250 words, so keep that in mind as you write. In addition, the letter has to be original, and the owner must have the sole copyright to the letter.  Letters critical of specifically named people or businesses will not be accepted, nor will those containing partisan political comments.  We will be publishing selected letters on a weekly basis.

We hope this new channel of communication will allow discussion among neighbors of pertinent issues affecting many of us.

—Tidelines Editors

4 thoughts on “New Feature: Tidelines Introduces Letters to the Editor”

  1. Thank you for your comment; we appreciate your interest.

    The Tidelines editorial team and SIPOA Communications Committee had numerous discussions on the proper length of letters before launching the feature and, in the process, consulted sources of current best practices for high profile newspapers as a guide (see the Communications Consortium Media Center Site here). At this juncture, we believe that a 250 word limit is appropriate for the type of feature we envision.

    We continually monitor our practices and solicit reader feedback to make adjustments as necessary. We will keep your thoughts in mind as we evaluate how this feature performs.

    The Editors

  2. This note is to applaud the addition of the new letter section of our blog. However, the 250 word limit may preclude meaningful, thoughtful comments about critical issues on Seabrook Island. One might view this section as an editorial page with a limit of 500 words or less. Space constrains can not be an issue on a blog that devotes much more space to the the noble search for turtles. Open discussion of important issues will require more than one page to fully develop a forum for proper discourse and discussion.

  3. I do hope that these letters do not devolve into spreading misinformation and vitriol that is currently posted on other island blogs.

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