GOMC Highlights, June 2016

GOMC met on June 6th, 2016. Here are the highlights of that meeting:

  1. Lake House: We are working on replacing one major air handler compressor which failed. Installation of energy-saving LED bulbs is continuing. Completion is due this week.
  2. Marsh Gate bulkhead: Riprap installation is proceeding on schedule to protect 4 properties along Cap’n Sams Creek.
  3. Stormwater pipe relining: The work is also on schedule. We have slightly changed the scope of work to include a pipe under Gnarled Pine.
  4. Roads, signs and mailboxes: Asphalt patching, mailbox painting and street signs are all done for this year. The Community Center parking lot has been resealed.
  5. Improved beach access: GOMC has been working with the Safety and Security Committee to define and fund limited improvements for people with special needs along Boardwalks #1 and #9. A motion to fund the proposal will go to the Board on Monday 20th.
  6. Gatehouse: The Greenery has submitted a proposal for new landscaping for Spring 2017; we liked their ideas, with some minor changes. The bid package for the new building will go out this week.

-Submitted by Guy Gimson

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  1. Robert Savin, MD says:

    There are two new “Watch Stop Ahead”signs at the cross of SBIR and Camp St.Christopher. Two observations: the Stop signs have not been refurbished and therefore are dull. Second the new warning signs are within sight of the Stop signs thus serving little if any purpose.

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