Highlights from the June 14, 2016 Special Meeting of the Seabrook Island Town Council

The Town’s Special Meeting brought Town Council members together with SIPOA and Club participants in the Joint Marketing Task Force.  The meeting focused on presentations where two “finalist” advertising firms described their capabilities and plans for providing Seabrook Island with an updated, more effective web presence.  (These firms had been selected from the Task Force’s review of input from a larger number of firms.)

The goal of the new website effort is to provide a single entry point for online visitors to access information about Town, SIPOA, and Club in a cohesive manner, replacing the current situation of separate websites for each entity.  The work will involve development of a unified website approach, based on how a “user” might think, as opposed to the current highly structured presentation of materials supporting each individual Seabrook entity’s function.  The website will capture visitor statistics for analysis by the participating Seabrook entities.  These firms’ presentations indicated their understanding that they would be dealing with Seabrook as three separate clients, each with particular objectives and each with distinct constraints on what it is willing and allowed (through bylaws, statute, etc.) to pay for.

Mayor Ron Ciancio closed the meeting by saying that the next steps are for Town, SIPOA, and Club to consider what has been proposed, meet jointly to select one of the firms, and then make final arrangements for design priorities, financing, and contracting.  The Mayor estimated that this front-end work could probably be completed within the next few weeks.

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  1. The Marketing Task Force will be sharing information about this competition–what types of support were requested, what types are being purchased–upon completion of their selection process.

  2. Can you share the firms? Any highlights from their presentations?

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