June 2016 Safety & Security Abridged Minutes

We apologize for the late posting of the June 1, 2016 Safety & Security minutes due to a technical problem at Tidelines.
The abridged minutes are as follows:

SIPOA Board present: Dennis Nagy, Chair; Phil Squire, Vice-Chair
SIPOA staff present: none
Committee members present: Bob Applegate, Maryann Bannwart, Bill Bryant, Lisa Cermak, Sue Ciancio, Skip Crane, Kathleen Ciarlante, Ellen Coughlin, Jim Eisenhauer, Dan Kortvelesy, Ed Moran, Harry Vincent
Not present: Kimber Smith
SIPOA Security (G4S) present: Pete Pelay
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Dennis Nagy at 9:30am on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. The meeting agenda and the minutes from the May 4, 2016 meeting were both approved by the Committee.

Chairman’s remarks and Committee discussion topics:
• Handicap Beach Access: The Committee discussed a handicap beach access report, prepared by Phil, which includes short and long term recommendations with tentative costs. Following discussion, the Committee approved the report and agreed to the following plan of action:
– Dennis confirmed that the Legal Committee has expressed verbal approval,  although we do not yet have their formal opinion.
– Dennis will present a motion to the SIPOA Board based on the report.
– This initiative will ultimately be referred to GOMC for follow-up since this does not involve safety/security issues. Dennis will discuss with the Chair of that committee for future actions.
• Fog Lines: Dennis will present a motion to the SIPOA Board, previously approved by the committee, recommending that we paint reflective fog lines around the traffic islands on Seabrook Island.
• G4S services: The Committee expressed concern about the amount of time G4S spends on non-safety/security service calls, such as carrying groceries and starting car batteries and miscellaneous other service related requests. This concern was previously communicated to property owners in a recent Tidelines blast. The Committee agreed that G4S should devote their time only to actual safety/security issues, including enforcing traffic violations. Dan confirmed that property owner feedback in the annual survey expressed concern that policies and procedures should be consistently enforced. Based on this discussion, the Committee unanimously agreed, and advised the safety director,Pete, that G4S should discontinue responding to (clearly) service related calls. Bill will follow up with a memo to Heather confirming this position and Pete will confirm with her.
• Auto Accident: A recent head-on auto accident occurred on Seabrook Island Road near the entrance to Bohicket Marina and some property owners expressed concern that they did not know about the accident. However, since this occurred outside of the gate, G4S did not respond and the SIPOA was not involved.
• Traffic Citations: The Committee expressed concern about continuing violations of traffic laws, including speeding and stop signs. Pete will devote more time to enforcement and Bill will send a separate Tidelines blast on traffic violations each month to communicate our enforcement of traffic violations.
• Drones: Dennis advised that a majority (72%) of property owners responded in the annual survey that the SIPOA should have some type of policy regarding use of drones. He will review our options and get input from the Board and this discussion will be continued at a future S&S meeting for appropriate action.
• Trash Dumping Violations: Pete reviewed with the Committee violations for illegal dumping at the SIPOA maintenance/recycling center. To make sure the rules and the penalty are very clear to everyone, Dennis will request a new larger sign to clearly communicate the rule and penalty for illegal dumping. Going forward, violations will be strictly enforced and a $200 fine will be assessed for violations. Violations 2902-10, 2902-13, 2902-14, 2902-18, 2902-19 and 2902-20 were reviewed and decisions were made based on the facts and merits of each of those cases.

SIPOA Security (G4S) Report for May, 2016:
There were 30 citations issued in May, which included the following:
• 8 speeding violations
• 7 stop sign violations
• 1 no pass displayed
• 5 parking violations
• 1 towel on railing violation
• 1 commercial access violation
• 2 failure to stop at gatehouse
• 1 driving on wrong side of road

The Committee reviewed the following citation appeals and made decisions based on the facts and merits of each case:
• # 9327: Speeding and no driver’s license.
• #9465, 9468, 9469: Illegal parking.

A complete copy of the minutes is available on the SIPOA website at http://www.associationvoice.com/ResourceCenter/15432/Library

Submitted by Bill Bryant, Secretary; Dennis Nagy, Chair

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