The Village Rep on Woolfe Presents George Orwell’s 1984


Village Rep kicks off Season 16 with a chilling stage adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopian classic. Published in 1949, 1984 is one of the most influential novels in
recent history, with its chilling depiction of perpetual war, pervasive government
surveillance and incessant public mind-control. Its ideas have become our ideas,
and Orwell’s fiction is often said to be our reality…

1984b1984 by George Orwell
Oceania; a Nation perpetually at war, where cameras watch every move and Thought Police roam the streets. A place Winston Smith calls home….

PLAYING on the Woolfe Street Playhouse MainStage at 34 Woolfe Street, Charleston
August 26- September 17.

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Directed by Keely Enright 1984 features Village Rep Ensemble Members Patrick Arnheim, John Black, Sierra Garland, David Reinwald, Teralyn Tanner, Robbie Thomas, Brian Turner and introducing Levi Adkins and Ellory Pape.

Show Dates and Times:
August 26, 27, September 2,3,8,9,10,15,16,17 @ 7:30 pm
Sunday September 4 and 11 @ 5pm.

(Photo Credit:  The Village Rep on Woolfe website)

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