Mulligans and Margaritas

Mulligans and Margaritas turned out to be a fun-filled way to raise money for charity. It was part of an effort by the Alan Fleming Tennis Tournament committee to raise money for their designated charity, Respite Care of Charleston. On August 16 forty people showed up for Margaritas and Mulligan enhanced tennis. This raised $1,055 for Respite Care of Charleston.

The evening began with a social time spiced with delicious frozen margaritas. After Mike and Mark explained that the tennis games had been adapted to add a mulligan for each player per game, the first round commenced with women playing women and men playing men. At a break between rounds, with, of course more margaritas available, Mary Beth Darcy spoke about Respite Care of Charleston. The second round followed the same format but with mixed teams. What a creative way to support Respite Care of Charleston.


Susan Leggett, Mary Allen, Sue Eckenrode and Beth Henry taking a refreshment break during changeover. Margaritas really helped get the donations flowing. Over $1000 raised for Respite Care of Charleston.

(Pre match instructions for how to use Mulligans)


Betsy Good, Debbie Jones, Jeanne Knowles and Jody Garvey having a great time playing tennis, enjoying margaritas while raising money for a terrific cause.

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