The Seabrook Island Photography Club Fall Program Line-up

September 15th Derek’s, “How’d they do that? Photo Learning Session”

6:30 pm Lake House-Live Oak Hall



When you view a great photograph, what is not displayed are the steps that were required to produce it. As the mission of our club is to share our knowledge, this session has been devised to do just that.

Four photographers will display a few of their pictures on computers and informally explain many of the important steps that were required to create the work. Each will host small groups for about 15 minutes, and delve into specific aspects of techniques used. Each photographer will emphasize different aspects or subjects of photography.

Groups will then rotate to another table and photographer who will discuss different aspects integral to the successful production of pictures like those shown.

It is hoped that this partially structured format will facilitate very informal, two way communication which will educate and inform.

Questions?  Contact Derek Fyfe at (404) 889-1690 or

Upcoming programs:

October 20thStan’s “Downtown Charleston Photo Shoot”

November 17thMarty’s “Downtown Charleston Theme Assignment”

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