Fighting Breaks Out on SINHG Upper King Culinary Tour!

It was yet another beautiful morning in the post-Matthew cast of one thousand and one Arcadian days. A band of Sinhgers set out to explore the trendy dining scene on Upper King, stopping first at HoM, a well-known burger boutique and ping pong lounge. The food was by all accounts scrumptious (flatbread pizza and turkey burgers) and the mood light, especially when trip leader, Julia Thogmartin, playfully donned deep-fried calamari rings on all ten digits to the delight of all.

However, at Smoke BBQ, tensions began to flare when New Yorker Steve Cutter, buoyed by the success of the recent New York! New York! party, began to extol the virtues of a white, vinegar-based potato salad versus the southern mustard-based recipe. And while all agreed the Cuban sandwich was bon appétit, when Steve launched into to an homage to Egg Creams, Atlantan Don Smith had enough. Thundering that Yankees were completely clueless about good BBQ (a point well taken), he also declared them incapable of appreciating what constitutes a darn good potato salad. Sputtering, Steve countered by saying that BBQ is what you do with poor meat (another point well considered) and sheer havoc erupted. The group began pelting one another with splendid buttery, herbed dinner rolls and spoonfuls of sweet pepper relish seasoned with a slight hint of rosemary. It was only with great difficulty that Julie, encumbered by her festive calamari finger rings, was able to separate diners and stem the squabbling.

As you can tell by the photo below, calm was restored by the time the group arrived at Rue de Jean. Here, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the B&M special, an entrée of Brussels sprouts and mussels, with a side of crisp French fries and fresh bread. Last, but not least, the group finished up with a delicious, soothing gelato at Paolo’s before heading home.

The Upper King Culinary tour is so popular, SINHG will offer three separate trips next spring.

-Submitted by Carol Bane

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4 Responses to Fighting Breaks Out on SINHG Upper King Culinary Tour!

  1. Nancy J Brown says:

    I have to say I’m sorry to hav missed the fight! Great story as always!!!

  2. Matt Burns says:

    This is so entertaining!….Very clever writing Carol Bane!

  3. Barbara Cutter says:

    Carol Bane has lost her mind. Steve is still recovering from the assault on his character!!

  4. Jim Altemus says:

    Way to go Steve, mustard is for ” hot dogs”; that includes those in rolls as well as the 2 legged ones.
    Jim Altemus

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