The ARC Adopts Changes

The Architectural Review Committee suggested changes to simplify and clarify the regulations and costs to our neighbors and property owners.  We are pleased to announce that at the November 14, 2016 SIPOA Board meeting, the Board approved these suggested changes to the Architectural Review Committee Policy and Procedures (P&P) manual.  The following provides the substantive changes to the P&P.

For new single family homes and additions/remodels, designs shall be prepared under the supervision of an architect who is registered and licensed in South Carolina. The architect is responsible for the designs and the plans must be signed and sealed by the architect. (p. 7, 18, and 36)

For the installation of decks, wood plastic composite (Trex, a wood polymer lumber product or equivalent ) has been added to the list of approved building materials. (p. 13)

Underground electric dog fences are permitted. We don’t believe the ARC ever intended not to allow the invisible fences but our rule wasn’t clear. (p.19)

Schedule of ARC Fees and Deposits, under repair or replacement of windows, decks, skylights, doors, trellises, roofing, paint, tree removal (newly added), landscaping, or other exterior changes not covered under other sections of this fee schedule….$50 per request. The ARC eliminated the $25 per tree removal fee and incorporated any tree fee into the general fee structure for maintenance. We then raised the exemption from $500 to $1000 as the cost of a project to which a permit fee is applied. Under the new rule, any project costing less than $1,000 or included in pre-approved Regime and Association Standards carries no fee. (p. 103)

In general, pine trees may be removed at the property owner’s discretion and may be without mitigation under the following conditions:
– existing below-story and mid-story vegetation within the removal area must be preserved;
–  prior approval must be obtained from the ARC before removing pine trees
to ensure that the remaining vegetation is sufficient to meet the characteristics of the area;
–  the removal plan is in compliance with other P&P rules and regulations. (p. 128)

Click here to link to the Policy and Procedures manual on the SIPOA website. (Note:  For the link to work, you must be logged into the SIPOA website prior to clicking the link.)

-Submitted by the Architectural Review Committee


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One Response to The ARC Adopts Changes

  1. Great summary, very good updates to the Policy. One comment: All Architectural Review resources are accessible to the public from SIPOA’s home page. We did this to make access to helpful information available to all contractors and professionals, as well as to our homeowners.

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