SIPOA Communications Committee Meeting Minutes

SIPOA Communications Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 9, 2016
10:30 AM—Noon
SIPOA Administration Conference Room

Attending: Ed Jones, Chair, Bill Bane, Phyllis Harper, Sally Kimball, Charlie Moore, Heather Paton and John O’Hearn of LHG, guest.

This meeting was focused on presenting the design for a joint Town, Club and SIPOA website. John O’Hearn from LHG Marketing Communications was here to set the framework for the integrated website. He described the goals of the project and the general framework of the website. His chart gives a very clear graphic of the format for the website. Each rectangle represents a page and the lines represent links. The chart shows the organization, with the verbiage likely to be refined in the next stage of development, in January 2017.

Ed showed the proposed, comprehensive SIPOA portion of the Website Content Array. In this draft, he captured pertinent information by going through the current SIPOA website, examining SIPOA website visit frequencies, areas of interest on Tidelines, and receipt of suggestions for additional content received in meetings during 2016. Information was differentiated by red ink for property owners’ information and black for public. He invited comments from the committee, will present the next draft to the SIPOA Board in December, and will invite comments from the Seabrook Island Community in mid-January 2017 after the quarterly SIPOA and Club Collaborative Communication Meeting.

LHG and frequency of use documentation presented at the meeting is available to Property Owners here. [Editor’s note: To access, choose Owner/Resident Information, then Owner Login; complete log in, then choose Minutes & Archives.]

The website design is expected to be unveiled to the Seabrook Island Community at the February 18, 2017, Annual Meeting, with the completed website launched by LHG in March.

An update from Tidelines shows 1,986 postings in 2016 to date, and 1,644 followers, of which 347 follow via Facebook. SIPOA Candidate podcasts are available to the public, with access instructions through Friday E-Blasts and Tidelines.

-Thanks to Sally Kimball and submitted by Ed Jones



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