Christmas Jam Session December 21

The How Art Thou Music Cafe, next to the Terrace Theater, is having a Christmas Jam Session on December 21. David Berger, the cafe’s manager, invited Seabrook Island to attend when he chatted with me and my friend at the cafe’s weekly Tuesday wine tasting. Oscar Rivers Jr., George Kenny, Skip “Pops” Pearson and Paul Gelpi will all be playing. David said everyone is welcome to come and jam with Charleston’s “Legends of Jazz.” The music begins at 8PM. For more information, please go to the website at . A New Year’s Eve “masquarade” party is also planned at this intimate live jazz club.

-Submitted by Lisa Hillman

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One Response to Christmas Jam Session December 21

  1. Sue Dostal says:

    I went there last Saturday evening after The Nutcracker at the Gaillard Center with three friends and we had a great time. There was a jazz guitarist, drummer/singer and bass player and they were fabulous – the guitarist was from NYC, the others from one of the Carolinas. We arrived at 9:50 pm and they were scheduled to end at 10:00 but played until after 10:30 which we loved. We left a little before midnight – this compared to the last time we looked for a place to have a drink after the Gaillard and nothing was open – King Street Grill, Heges, Andell Inn and 48 were all closed by 10:00 pm on a Saturday night!

    How Art Thou was packed and David himself served us the bottle of wine we ordered – he’s a lovely, gentle soul.

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