Highlights of SIPOA December 12 Board Meeting

Here are some highlights from the December 12, 2016, POA Board Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report (Mr. Feldman):

Hurricane cleanup costs will likely finish in the range of $350,000.

Boardwalk #3 will require accelerated replacement due to damage from Hurricane Matthew. This damage is not covered by POA insurance. Current bids to replace indicate the cost will run approximately $216K. The parts that will be replaced are walkways parallel to the beach and the walk from these “arms” out to the beach.

As excess cash flow is not adequate to cover all these costs, the Finance Committee is recommending a special assessment to cover the sum of these two. Without an assessment, the option would be to borrow funds from the POA’s line of credit, which would have to be repaid over time with interest. There will be a special Board Meeting next Monday, December 19, to review final cost numbers and decide whether to implement a special assessment to help pay for Hurricane Matthew cleanup costs.

The Board approved the recommended 2017 Budget, which includes a minor increase in annual assessments of $27 for house and villas; $19 for undeveloped lots; and $9 for properties in Bohicket Marina.

Executive Director’s Report (Ms. Paton):

The new Gate House construction is under way; it will be substantially complete by early April.

Over 3500 pounds of food were donated by property owners to the Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation over the Thanksgiving holidays—far above the original goal of 1000 pounds.

Attendance at Thanksgiving events was exceptionally strong—the 5K Turkey Trot drew 275 participants, and over 200 people attended the tree lighting.

Long Range Planning Committee (Mr. Kortvelesy):

The 2017 Strategic Plan has been completed and was approved by the Board.

Carl Voelker gave an update on the “SI2” (SI Squared) Program—the Seabrook Island Sustainability Initiative. This is a simpler name for what is also known as the Audubon International Sustainability Communities Program. Seabrook Island is currently in Phase 2 of the three phases leading to certification—basically inventory, planning, and implementation. The program is essentially a structured long range planning exercise that helps communities undertake actions that contribute to economic development, a high quality of life, and a healthy local environment. Only five communities in the US have completed the rigorous process to date. Three communities in South Carolina are currently pursuing certification, Seabrook Island being one of them.

Communications Committee (Mr. Jones):

Current focus of the Committee is on completing design of a new common web “landing page” for the websites of the Town, SIPOA, and Club. The work is being done by the Lou Hammond Group. This work is being targeted for completion in time for the Property Owners’ Annual Meeting in February 2017. Property owners will have the opportunity to comment on the design before this event.

An upgrade to the internal and external communications system for Live Oak Hall is under development to improve its capability for both long distance collaboration and local meetings and presentations.

Tidelines has grown to over 1600 followers, and the team has generated almost 2000 posts since its launch.

Environmental Committee (Mr. Orris):

No deer will be harvested this year.

The Board approved a motion to construct a fishing pier in Palmetto Lake in an amount not to exceed $35,000. The purpose is to enhance avoidance of potential alligator encounters while lingering around Palmetto Lake. A final location for the pier has yet to be determined.

President Janet Gorski:

The POA has filed a request for reimbursement of storm expenses through FEMA. We believe there is only a slight chance of approval, but the effort is being made nonetheless.

 Trash Dumping Special Committee:

Messrs. Squire and Houff investigated situations where contractors and cleaning companies dumped trash at the SIPOA trash/recycling center. Cleaning companies will not be considered contractors for purposes of constraining improper dumping. Fines in the amounts of $50 to $100 are being considered for first time offenses, and $200 for repeat offenses. The final amounts will be evaluated at a later date after the Safety and Security Committee has made its recommendations.

The Board approved a request from the Town to provide e-mail addresses of property owners to be used by the Town’s Emergency Communications “CodeRED” provider. The intent is to be able to provide emergency updates directly to property owner e-mail accounts from CodeRED officials. Owners will be able to opt-out if they do not wish to receive these e-mails.  (Instructions on how to opt out will be provided in the Annual Meeting packet of materials.)

The best way to send public comments to Board members is address them to the following e-mail address:  publiccomment@sipoa.org

Activities Committee (Ms. McCulloch):

The committee has set new standards for content on the electronic message board and other material, including advertising, at the Lake House, including signs at the curb that advertise events inside and flyers/pamphlets promoting events.

-Submitted by Tidelines Editors

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  1. It is necessary to make a correction to the recap about the SIPOA Board meeting held on Monday, December 12th. There was no final action taken on modification of fines associated with improper dumping or on whether to modify the definition of ‘contractors’ to exclude cleaning companies. Further action on this subject was tabled pending clarification of the position recommended by the Safety & Security committee. Tidelines regrets the error.

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