SINHG Visits the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center–Twice!

cid:5214C557-CCE1-44FC-BED9-A1D3CC22B52D@attlocal.netIn the past couple of weeks there have been two SINHG trips to the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center in Georgetown, SC. It’s a trek up there to say the least, but what awaits is well worth the time.

Tom Yawkey was the owner of the Boston Red Socks for 44 years. He amassed a fortune and eventually willed his magnificent, 20,000-acre South Island Plantation to the DNR. The property encompasses marshes, wetlands, ocean beaches, long-leaf pine and maritime forests. As such, it’s home to all manner of wildlife, and particularly, at this time of year, migrating shore birds.

After arriving, our group boarded a pontoon boat for the 5-minute ride to the island, then bundled into a 14-seat minibus for the 3+ hour tour. The preserve is so ecologically diverse, and the scenery so fantastic, that time passes quickly. Mid-point we stopped to see Tom and Jean Yawkey’s matching house trailers (yes, you read correctly!) and visit their ‘retreat’—i.e. the small building filled with old photographs and baseball memorabilia where the couple relaxed and entertained guests.

Entrance to the refuge is difficult and strictly limited to groups of 14. This is longtime SINHG favorite and one we’ll be running twice again next spring. Above is a photograph of the cast of culprits who went on the Yawkey trip led by Ellen Coughlin on December 7th.

Submitted by Carol Bane

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