Report of the December 13, 2016 meeting of the SIPOA Planning Committee

Chairman Kortvelesy provided an update on the Housing Special Committee. One item being planned is the renewal of ARC staff annual inspection of villas. It’s been suggested to start with 6 Regimes and /or Associations as models then share with other R/A’s.

Another article shared by the Chairman was titled “Perils of Climate Change Could Swamp Coastal Real Estate.”  Our committee discussion also noted that land sinking and storms surges also have an effect.

The POA’s cleanup costs from hurricane Matthew will be about $320K plus the rebuild of boardwalk #3 due to storm damage will be about $216K. The Finance committee is proposing a one-time assessment of $220 per property owner to pay for these costs. They are also recommending an increase in the annual assessment of $27 for all home and villa owners.

The Audubon Sustainable Communities group reported a good turnout at the December 8 meeting with the next meeting being on January 12.

The speed of internet connectivity on Seabrook was discussed after several committee members tested their service in their homes. Members reported speeds ranging from 10 to 100 MPS (megabytes per second) in their homes mostly measured using wi-fi. The fastest service on the island is Comcast (150 MPS) using cable with AT&T slightly slower over wires. Satellite is about 12 MPS. The nearest Gigabyte (1000MPS) service is at a new community near Maybank and River Road. Neither Comcast nor AT&T has plans to increase service to Seabrook. Meetings are planned with Comcast and AT&T to discuss future plans.

The 2017 Strategic Plan has been approved by the POA Board.
The PC normally meets the second Tuesday of each month in the Lake House. All property owners are welcome to attend. The next meeting will be on January 10 at 9am in the Osprey 1 room.
You can view the complete minutes of this meeting on the SIPOA website for more details.

Submitted by Jack Miller

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2 Responses to Report of the December 13, 2016 meeting of the SIPOA Planning Committee

  1. Warren Kimball says:

    A few years ago, the Planning Comm. was provided with some interesting statistics/info about the costs and methods of “raising houses” to get above flood levels. Is that still under consideration?

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