Winter Migratory Bird Walk at Center for Birds of Prey

Winter has finally arrived, and with it have come the ducks and other bird species that spend the colder winter months here in South Carolina.

Join us for an expert-led bird walk on Saturday, January 21, from 8:30am to 10:30am, to see some of these highly migratory species. A few of the species that you might see on this walk:
– Blue-headed vireo
– Ruddy duck
– Redhead                                                                 312613221111643560
– Blue-winged teal
– Pied-billed grebe
– Bald eagle
– American Kestrel
– Northern flicker
– White-throated sparrow
– Song sparrow

Take advantage of this wonderful new opportunity to experience birding in the winter. With fewer leaves on the trees and no humidity or bugs, this walk will be leisurely and relaxed!

Tickets include access to the regular bird of prey tour and flight demonstration immediately following the walk. Tickets can be purchased online at:  38678/availability/39016498/book/ or by calling 843.971.7474.

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