Abridged Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes for January 4, 2017

Lake Site Storm Cleanup

There has been some controversy regarding extreme cutting, including clear cutting around lake banks. Various regulations regarding trimming are in place but not well defined.

The EC will make a recommendation based on environmental premises, i.e. if rules need to be changed or better enforced.

Wildlife Mapping

Turkeys are proliferating on the island. There was concern that too many might become a problem. This issue will be revisited.

Waste Management and Recycling

Phil Squire reported that fines for illegal dumping were reconsidered and will be presented to the board. First time fine will be $50; $200 for subsequent offenses.

OCS Resource Development

Barry Shedrow has written a report of possible impacts of offshore wind farms. It will be published in the Seabrooker and Tidelines Blog.


Jane Marvin asked for volunteers to form an Earth Day 2017 committee. All residents are invited to join.

Wild Things

Our Eagles have a new nest at the third hole of Crooked Oaks.

Audubon International

The next meeting is on January 12 at 5 pm at Oyster Catcher Community Center.

Adopt a Highway

Volunteers are needed for the next pickup in February. Please contact Rich Seigel to sign up.

Palmetto Lake Fishing Dock

The SIPOA approved the dock with a $35,000 spending limit.

-Submitted by Jane Marvin

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