img_1321Heads up Greenspace Gala Ticket Holders! The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience could be one of the coolest things you’ve ever done in your life!
Rick Hendrick BMW has generously donated a unique and exciting day for two people, scheduled for Wednesday, September 20, 2017 (no rain checks), for THE lucky bidder at the Greenspace Gala. My husband, PJ Nichols, enjoyed such a day and enthusiastically shared his experience with me.

“My guest and I began the day by meeting at the BMW Dealership at 6:30 and boarded a luxury coach to the Spartanburg plant, which has become the largest in the BMW company worldwide. A light breakfast was served en route. Normally, the tour includes a VIP tour of the production facility but because of retooling, we visited the BMW Museum at a nearby location instead.

Following the museum visit, we were provided with an excellent lunch at BMW’s headquarters, followed with a briefing by our driving instructors. Afterwards, we were divided into groups and engaged in five separate driving experiences ranging from grand img_1322prix driving to skid control on a wet track, to a challenging drive on their all terrain facility, testing the limits of the driver’s competence in some “super cars.”

For those who were brave, the last phase was a rapid trip around the race track with one of the professional drivers at speeds in excess of 120 mph and gravity pulls at 3 G’s. A snack was served on the return coach trip, and a lot of lively discussion took place. I believe anyone would enjoy the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience!”img_1323

There you have it! Check your calendar to make sure you are available on the date the event is scheduled and get ready to bid!! Remember, you cannot arrange this experience on your own as it is not for sale at any price. Thank you Rick Hendrick for this awesome opportunity for some lucky person (and guest) on Seabrook Island.

Submitted by Beth Nichols, SIGSC

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