SI Photo Club Monthly Meeting Features J. Kevin Foltz

J. Kevin Foltz

Seabrook Island Photography Club
(members free, non-members welcome $10)
March 16th , 6:30 pm, Live Oak Hall, The Lake House

“The Environmental Travel Portrait”
presented by J Kevin Foltz

This program will attempt to better your portrait-making when traveling and/or in uncomfortable cultural situations. Using images that he has made as a professional travel and destination photographer, Kevin will engage the group in a discussion of what makes a better portrait with people that you briefly encounter, but want to make a sincere image of. The program will discuss how to be better prepared with your camera and the psychology involved with making photographs that will enhance your visual storytelling. The discussion will be followed with a question and answer session answering any questions that you may have concerning the need of model releases to the type of gifts that might be carried to exchange for the making of photographs.

About J Kevin Foltz

Kevin is a wanderer. Raised in the Carolinas, Kevin has been working as a photographer for more than thirty years. Having had commercial photography studios in Nashville, Lima, Peru and Miami, he has made photographs for clients ranging from Kroger, Hydra Sports Boats and Gibson Guitars in Nashville to Toyota and Coca Cola in Peru.

Returning to Miami after living and working in Lima, Kevin won two consecutive three-year artist residencies at ArtCenter South Florida in Miami Beach. Kevin also was awarded the annual South Florida Consortium Artist Grant. Whilst living in Miami, he changed his career direction from being a commercial studio photographer to become a full-time destination photographer specializing in resort and culinary photos. Kevin also continues working as a visual artist in various mediums.
And after thirty years of wandering with camera in hand Kevin has returned to the lowcountry to live closer to his family and return to the oyster roast, grits and okra lifestyle that he has always loved. Kevin was recently accepted and will soon have a studio space in the new Redux Art Center on upper King Street to be inaugurated later this year.

-Submitted by Derek Fyfe

(Photo credits J. Kevin Foltz)

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