COVAR Description and Functions

Leading up to and including COVAR’s March 11, 2017 Presidential Roundtable, the Council of Villa Associations and Regimes (COVAR) Board was frequently asked to describe COVAR and how it functions. This document responds to those requests.
COVAR consists of the forty-one villa associations and regimes in the Town of Seabrook Island. Its purposes are to (1) provide a regular forum for villa property owners to share and discuss common concerns, (2) collaborate with the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) in matters of mutual responsibility and interest and (3) to provide a single official voice for villa property owners.
In 2016, COVAR’s representation functions were carried out by (1) COVAR representation on SIPOA’s ARC, GOMC, Safety and Security Committee, Legal Committee, Planning Committee, the Town of Seabrook Island’s Public Safety Committee and SIPOA ad hoc committees addressing emergency preparedness and upgrading properties on Seabrook Island, (2) the COVAR Board met with the SIPOA and Seabrook Island Club presidents after their elections, in separate meetings, to discuss concerns and identify issues for action during the year and (3) direct communications between SIPOA officials and COVAR Board members during the year.
COVAR’s function to provide a forum for villa owners to share and discuss common concerns were carried out by (1) COVAR sponsored meetings in September to address emergency preparedness and evacuation and in December to provide villa owners an opportunity to meet with and question candidates for the SIPOA Board and Nominating Committee, (2) publication of the “COVAR Corner” in the monthly Seabrooker and (3) COVAR’s data base of COVAR presidents and representatives contact information for direct communication from the COVAR Board or communication among COVAR presidents and representatives on matters of mutual concern.
COVAR’s function to collaborate with SIPOA in matters of mutual responsibility and interest were carried out by issuing five COVAR publications after coordination with SIPOA and the Town of Seabrook Island and Charleston County, as appropriate. These publications, listed below, were sent directly to COVAR presidents/representatives, published in the Seabrooker and are posted on the SIPOA web site.
COVAR Publication #1 Exterior Alterations/Improvements
COVAR Publication #2 License and Tax Obligations for Villa Rentals
COVAR Publication #3 Rules Guests Need to Know
COVAR Publication #4 Seabrook Island Beaches
COVAR Publication #5 COVAR Survey
Two particularly significant issues of concern to villa owners, which COVAR had pressed with SIPOA for some time, were resolved last year by issuance of new SIPOA regulations (1) clarifying the authority of SIPOA security to enforce parking restrictions on villa association/regime property and (2) new ARC procedures simplifying the process to approve exterior improvement work on villas – the new procedures are set out in a revised edition of COVAR Publication #1, issued in January of this year.

-Submitted by Allan W. Keener, President, COVAR

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  1. Yes, thank you, Allan. The timeliness and convenience of accessing COVAR news on Tidelines cannot be overstated. Although I attended the March 11th meeting , this Tidelines entry relieves me of the responsibility of conveying much of this information to interested Treeloft Villa Owners. With a common body of knowledge, we can move on to discuss matters of interest to all. Kudos.

  2. An excellent article! Thank you, Allan. As new property owners, we are interested in learning as much as we can about the different organizations that make Seabrook Island unique. We are especially interested in COVAR since we just purchased a Spinnaker. Joyce and Larry Phillips

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