Tidelines 2017 Annual Survey Results

Our annual reader’s survey provided valuable information to the Tidelines team. We appreciate the kindness of those who took a few minutes to share their opinions with us. We’re especially grateful and humbled for the large number of comments that relayed thanks and encouragement.

Here is a summary of the results.

Who Responded?
366 of our over 1,743 followers responded, a response rate of almost 21%. Over 92% were Seabrook property owners, almost two-thirds of whom spend 75% or more of their time on the Island.

These categories of posts were rated most popular and valuable (listed highest to lowest):

Severe weather warnings and updates; Traffic and road closures; Local news (store and restaurant openings); SIPOA Board meeting summaries; Seabrook organization and group events; Musical and cultural events in the Seabrook/Kiawah area; SIPOA Committee meeting summaries; Seabrook Island Town Council meeting summaries; Seabrook Island Club events (open to all).

There was a gradual diminution in popularity among the remaining types of content,  with Letters to the Editors, Guest columnists (fitness, tech tips), Articles about Seabrookers and musical and cultural events in the greater Charleston area receiving the lowest scores. There was no strong indication that radical adjustments in amount and general types of content are required. We will strive to optimize our focus on the most popular types of content.

How we are Followed
Over 71% of respondents who subscribe to e-mail updates on posts receive them immediately as they go up. We wish to remind our followers that they also have the option of receiving daily or weekly digests as well. Information on how to do this is included on our homepage.

Almost 10% of our readers follow us through Facebook.

The overwhelming number of survey comments were laudatory, and we appreciate the kind feedback. There were several that offered constructive suggestions. The general themes from the comments are – – too much repetition between Tidelines, the SIPOA e-blast, The Seabrooker and The Island Connection; focus on local events; and no topics of a political nature.  We’ve taken those to heart and will use them to consider adjusting some types of content to come more in line with our followers’ needs and interests.

This link will take you to our response to many of the reader comments.

-Tidelines Team

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