Tidelines and Nextdoor Seabrook – Compare and Contrast!

What are Tidelines and Nextdoor?  Should you subscribe to both? Are they connected?  Do they share information?  Here are some answers.

First, there is no connection between Tidelines and Nextdoor Seabrook. They provide very different and important services within our community, and each can be managed by the individual subscriber.

Tidelines is the official blog of the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association.  It is managed by a group of editors who are all volunteers. The purpose of Tidelines is to facilitate a flow of information among individuals, SIPOA and its committees, the Town of Seabrook Island, and volunteer organizations on Seabrook. Tidelines cannot provide recommendations for services or businesses. Tidelines may be accessed by direct email postings, by “friending” Tidelines on Facebook, or by visiting the blog’s home page at
tidelinesblog.com.  Readers can manage their subscriptions by visiting the Tidelines home page and selecting the “Your Subscription” tab.  Articles are submitted using a form found under the “Submit an Article” tab at the top of the Tidelines page.  Articles must be written by the persons submitting them and are posted in a timely manner after review and formatting by a Tidelines editor.  Comments regarding an article may be posted to the blog.

Nextdoor Seabrook is a social networking service that connects members of our community.  There are no editors, and information is not monitored by anyone; it is similar to Facebook or Neighborhood Watch. To join, visit nextdoor.com, enter your email address and residential street address and click “Find your neighborhood”. Only Seabrook residents can join and are free to post information, requests, and opinions.  It is a great place to ask for recommendations from community members for medical professionals, contractors, and restaurants.  Members may post items for sale or list giveaways.  They may seek donations for various community and charitable organizations.  The idea is to help neighbors be aware of what is happening in their community.   Members can seek information or support, and offer assistance within the community.  A Nextdoor Seabrook account can be managed by going to the “Settings” tab on your account.  Account holders may limit the information they receive, and how often it is received, and they may block content from individuals as they choose.

If you want information about the latest Town Council meeting, the SIPOA Board meeting, SINHG presentations and trips, extreme weather affecting Seabrook, or traffic issues on Bohicket Road, then Tidelines will be the site to visit.  If you want to sell your used bicycle, need a kayak, must find a contractor or a dog walker, or want to tell the community how much you love living in “Paradise,” then look to Nextdoor Seabrook.

-Tidelines Editor




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