Warning – Portuguese Man O’War on the Beach

Today while taking an afternoon walk on the beach my dog and I encountered what we thought was a strange-looking blue jellyfish. I took a photo and posted it on my Facebook page asking if anyone knew what it was. As it turns out…it’s a Portuguese Man O’War, which is decidedly not a jellyfish. Instead, it’s an extremely venomous sea creature that can sting even when beached. Apparently where there’s one, there are likely to be more, so please be on the lookout if you’re on the beach or in the water. This guy was spotted between the Pelican’s Nest and Beach Walk 9 and was probably brought ashore by today’s strong winds.

-Submitted by Deborah Robinson

3 thoughts on “Warning – Portuguese Man O’War on the Beach”

  1. At 2:00pm today, 2 Portuguese man-of-war coming in with the tide on North Beach between boardwalk 1 and the first dog off leash sign.

  2. Ms. Robinson,

    Contacting you about your Portuguese man-of-war post.

    Could you give me a call please?


    Prentiss Findlay
    The Post and Courier

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