2017 College Sailing National Championship – May 23-June 2

The ICSA Sailing Nationals will take place directly under the Mt. Pleasant side of the Ravenel bridge May 23- June 2. There will be three events – The Women’s Nationals, Team Race Nationals, and Coed Nationals over the nearly 2 week long event. 36 teams will sail the semi finals which will narrow the field to 18 teams.

These teams represent some of the very best sailors in the country- and in all aspects of the sport. This National Championship will give sailors and non- sailors alike witness to some high level sailboat racing! It is the plan to offer narrated discussions of the racing so spectators can learn and enjoy the highly competitive racing. There will be booths and tables set up that will encourage individuals and families to learn more about all the sailing opportunities in Charleston!

Great viewing will be available from the flight deck of the USS Yorktown – the famous WWII aircraft carrier. The ship/museum has been very accommodating to the event and they are allowing all sailors, coaches, families and spectators on the ship at no charge! (normally $22 per person). The racing may literally be 100 yds. away. We will have 3-5 large tents assembled on the flight deck with chairs and/or bleachers. The ship has a nice snack bar and obviously rest rooms (we will have port a potties placed in appropriate places around the venues as well).

Parking will be easy and free in many places. The Yorktown parking lot, close to the ship, is only $5/day.

For more information, please click here.

(Photo credit:  CVB website)

-Tidelines Editor

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